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25th October 2022 Abbey Park Community Association Committee AGM Minutes

Present:- Simon Middlecote (Chair) , Ruth Kerry, Sue Andrew, Lesley Morris, Chris Holmes, Councillor Penny Gowland, Jo Mansfield, Helen Hetherington, Catherine Bailey, Andy Stone , Caroline Stone, Eddie O’Rourke, Linda Chenoweth.
Simon outlined the projects and activities the Association had been able to undertake over the last 12 months. These included the window advent calendar, the Abbey Park orchard and ‘minor’ oak, playground improvements, the Abbey Park Summer Gathering, community gardeners, litter picking group, Book Club and Board games night, display of poppies, and bike marking session by Notts Police.
A copy of the full report was to be put on the website and notice board.
Comment was made that the Association now had a voice with the local council separate from the local councillors.
It was agreed that a thank you note be sent to the pupils at Edmund Campion who had helped water the trees.
Ruth gave details of the income and expenditure over the last year. She reported that there were more than sufficient funds to meet the bills for the website domain and insurance cover.
The following appointments to the Committee were agreed for the following year:-
Chair – Simon Middlecote
Vice-Chair – Sue Andrews
Treasurer and Website – Ruth Kerry
Secretary – Caroline Stone
Notetaker – Chris Holmes
Committee members : Lesley Morris, Catherine Bailey, Jo Mansfield, Helen Hetherington, Joanne McDonald.
There was a debrief about the summer gathering which was considered a great success. It was suggested that the prices for the books and the face painting were perhaps too low.
A Newton’s apple and Old Bess apple tree were to be added to the orchard together with a horse chestnut being planted on the field. Lesley was to chase up Jane Procter from Trees for Climate for her suggestions for planting of bushes and trees on the field. These would then be publicised so people had the opportunity to comment.
Rushcliffe had agreed to provide 2 benches and locations had been suggested but a response to this was awaited from the relevant officer at Rushcliffe.
The back land on Waltham which was a concrete area provided an opportunity for careful planting and was to be followed up by Sue.
Having an information board on the field about the estate, possibly with a QR code was suggested. This could give information about the history of the estate.
It was agreed that a Tree Sub-group of Sue Andrew, Lesley Morris, Ruth Kerry, Catherine Bailey, Caroline Stone and Helen Hetherington be tasked to come up with ideas for planting and report to the next meeting.
No 7 BUS
The idea of the no 7 bus being routed into the bus turning circle on Buckfast Way had previously been raised with Nottingham City Transport. Now that the 22/23 service had been discontinued it was thought this issue should be pursued again. Councillor Penny Gowland agreed to chase this up.
The issue of the lack of water in the canal during the recent dry spell and ongoing maintenance was raised. It was noted that there was to be a public meeting in Lady Bay about this in the near future.
All 24 dates had been taken up and a map was to be made available giving details of which houses were participating.
It was agreed to spend £50 to buy crocus bulbs to be planted by the noticeboard.
Lengthsman Course
Sue and Ruth reported on the Lengthsman Training Day they had attended. Further details were to be provided by the County Council on the funding which was to be made available under this scheme.
Community Centre
There was currently no warden at the Community Centre. The social activities at the community centre were to be advertised on the website.

The meeting closed at 8.35pm.

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