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Chairmans Report for 25th October 2022

Unlike the previous year, the last 12 month period has allowed the group to meet in person throughout the last year. The Association has been able to undertake a number of different projects and activities as well as plan future projects.
Window Advent Calendar
Born from Covid, this event continued to be popular on the estate and participants are already in place for this years advent period and we look forward to seeing the results.
Abbey Park Orchard and the Minor Oak
Following on from the successful fruit tree planting last year we organised a ceremony to dedicate the trees in February as well as plant the sapling derived from the famous Major Oak (a minor oak perhaps?). The ceremony was attended by the RSPB (who provided the oak sapling – via Lesley), pupils from Edmond Campion School and Sue Mallender the Mayor of Rushcliffe who placed the final spade of soil to ‘plant’ the oak tree.
Edmond Campion pupils have continued to support the project by watering the trees on a regular basis as well as using the trees as part of their learning. Many thanks to Lesley Morris for being the driving force behind this project as well as local residents Jo and Dan, Brian and Jennifer, and Michael and Family for also watering the trees. Further fruit tree planting is planned in this area in the near future.
We have also recently met with representatives from Trees for Climate to look at the feasibility of further tree and shrub planting in and around the park.
Playground improvements
This year has seen the children’s playground revamped and extended. Our thanks to the County Council and Via for this. Whilst APCA did not procure or fund these improvements we believe that by making our voice heard we have been instrumental in raising the profile of the area facilitating these improvements.
There are on-going discussions being held with Rushcliffe about siting of benches on the park which will hopefully come to fruition in the coming months. A site for adult gym equipment on the park has also been identified although the implementation of this will depend on acquiring funding.
Abbey Park Summer Gathering
September saw the inaugural Summer Gathering on Abbey Park. What a great success this was. The rain stayed away and (maybe) 150 people attended over the course of the afternoon enjoying the activities. It made new connections, brought together the community and raised sufficient funds for APCA to continue its activities and projects for the next year. Many thanks to all who were involved in making this happen. No doubt it will return in 2023.
Community Gardens
Sue and Joan continue their fantastic work maintaining and improving many of the communal areas on the estate in particular Rufford Way. Many thanks to them and other residents on the estate who continue to maintain and improve these areas for the benefit of everyone. They are a crucial part of Abbey Park’s distinctive character and need to be maintained for the benefit of all.
Litter picking and other groups and activities
The litter picking group has continued to meet regularly. Many thanks to all involved and in particular Ruth for organising this.
Other groups which continue to be supported by APCA include the Book Club and Board Games night held regularly at the Willow Tree as well as the jigsaw library at the Community Centre.
APCA has also facilitated in the procurement of the new Defibrillator in West Bridgford at Warren’s Barbers.
We also facilitated the bike marking session by Notts Police in the summer as well as funded and facilitated the display of poppys during the period of remembrance.
Thanks to all who have served on the committee over the past year including Rani Joshi and Deb Triffitt who are no longer involved. Thanks also to RBC and Notts County Councillor Penny Gowland for attending meetings and supporting APCA activities. And finally, thanks to community of Abbey Park area for continuing to make it such a wonderful place to live and work.

Kind regards,

Simon Middlecote – Chair
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