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Minutes of the Meeting 10th May 2022

Present:- Simon Middlecote (Chair) , Ruth Kerry, Sue Andrew, Lesley Morris, Chris Holmes, Caroline Stone, Catherine Bailey
Apologies:- Councillor Penny Gowland, Deb Triffitt

The minutes of the last meeting held on 7th February 2022 were noted.

Ruth gave details of the current financial position. She indicated that a defibrillator had been purchased for outside Warrens Barbers and was waiting to be installed.
The following ideas for fund raising were identified:-
Coffee and cake on the square on Nearsby or Waltham
Plant sale
Safari sale
Car boot
It was agreed a poster setting out what the Association had achieved should be drawn up for the website and noticeboard.

The possibility of adding two local apple trees, Isaac Newton and Bess Pool to the orchard was raised.
There was a discussion about the need for additional benches on the field. A proposal was circulated suggesting benches by the orchard and a circular one by the tree near the play area.
It was suggested that the possibility of having gym equipment near the playground be explored together with funding options.
The installation of goal posts on the field was discussed but it was decided not to pursue this.
Reference was made to the community lengthsmen scheme with its potential funding for assistance with maintenance in the area. Further information was to be sought as to how it could apply on Abbey Park.

It was agreed
That two more local apples trees be purchased subject to the agreement from Rushcliffe in respect of their planting
To consult through the website, Facebook page and the noticeboard on options for placing benches on the field and that funding be sought for their purchase.
That approval for the possible site of gym equipment be obtained following appropriate consultation and funding options explored.
Sue Andrew to follow up the possibility of the community lengthsmen
That Edmund Campion be thanked for looking after the orchard trees.

Concern was raised about safety issues which were caused by some driveways onto roads through the estate.
There were reports with regard to the resurfacing on Dale Close of poor quality and standing water when it rained.

The next meeting of the Book Club would be on 6th June at 7pm.
It was agreed that a party be held on the field on Sunday 11th September from 2pm to 4pm. This would include raffle, lucky dip, face painting, plant and books sale. An organisation committee would be established.

Sunday 29th May was when the next litter picking session would take place on the estate

Road Safety
Problems were reported on the corner of Buckfast Way and Eltham Road where parked cars were causing problems for the No 7 bus.
Parked cars were also causing visibility issues on Waltham on the bends
It was agreed that these issues be raised with Councillor Penny Gowland with photos where available.
A plan is to be drawn up identifying the trees on the field so that a children’s trail could be produced.
It was agreed that the next meeting would be at the Community Centre on Tuesday 19th July 2022 at 7pm and that ideas for discussion would be sought through the website, Facebook group and the notice board

The meeting closed at 9pm.

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