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Minutes of the Meeting 25th February 2020

Venue - Abbey Park Community Centre, Buckfast Way

Present:- Chris Holmes, Simon Middlecote (Chair) , Zbyszek Luczynski, , Ruth Kerry, Lesley Morris, Sue Andrew, John Turrill, Councillor Brian Buschman, Councillor Penny Gowland, Chloe Brooks, Sarah Gill, Anne McKenzie, Rani Joshi, Susan Caffey, Karen Holme, Tracey Girdier, Monkia Pudelko, Samantha Hillyer, Elaine Yeo,

There was a discussion about the proposed demolition of the Pumping Station. Recent research had demonstrated the significance of the building to the development of West Bridgford which had not been previously known. Rushcliffe Borough Council was seeking to demolish the building prior to the site being sold to a developer. Comments on this needed to be submitted by 5th March.
An application had been submitted for the building to be listed but time was short.
There was no objection to the proposed housing development on the site but there was a groundswell of opinion that the pumping Station should be incorporated into the development. It was noted that a meeting had been arranged with Ruth Edwards the local MP about the building and its history.
It was Agreed :
1. That Simon would chase up progress on the listing building application
2. That Simon and Leslie would draft a community question to be asked at Rushcliffe Borough Council’s next meeting.
3. That the petitions against the proposed demolition both email and paper be presented to Rushcliffe by 5th March.

Local beat police PC Rob Archer and PC Pattinson attended to provide an update on recent crime in the area and also brought crime prevention material for distribution. This material was also available from the new Rushcliffe office on Gordon Road. Warnings were made about telephone scams and romance scams and the need for people to be on their guard.
It was Agreed to publicise the availability of crime prevention material on the Facebook page.
The surface on Stamford Road continued to deteriorate. It was reported that in VIA’s maintenance list for 2020/21 it was listed for patching in the 4th quarter. It was felt that patching was not enough to solve the problem. The proposed work appeared to have slipped in the planned maintenance timetable having been originally planned for last October.
Reference was made to the County Council’s app “My Notts” to report pot holes.
It was Agreed
1. to encourage residents to report potholes on the County’s app “My Notts”.
2. To seek clarification about what maintenance is proposed for Stamford Road and when.
It was suggested that Covert Road be included within the boundary of the Association.
It was Agreed to include Covert Road in the Association’s boundary.
It was reported that the usage of the 22 and 23 was not good and there was a need to use it or lose it. There was a feeling that the no.7 bus always seemed to be the first bus route to be taken off if there was a problem. No progress was reported on getting the no. 7 to stop at the former bus terminal on Buckfast Way
It was Agreed that NCT be asked to provide details of how often the no. 7 bus was withdrawn.
There was a need to take books from the book swop as well as depositing.
This was going well. The next meeting is the 9th of March 8pm in the Willow Tree Pub. You don’t have to have read the book to attend. Everyone is welcome.
This is up and running now.
It was agreed that arrangements be made for an afternoon tea party to be held on the field on Saturday 20th June from 2-5pm.

Notice Boards
These will be installed shortly.
West Bridgford Local Area Forum
Meetings of this are held every 2 months. Lesley went to the last meeting.
It was Agreed that Lesley and Simon attend future meetings.
Central West Bridgford Community Association
It was reported that an emerging idea was to develop a neighbourhood plan for West Bridgford. The lack of this put West Bridgford at a disadvantage when planning issues were considered. Other areas with Parish Council’s such as Ruddington and East Leake had one.
Bank Account
A meeting with Barclays Bank was arranged to establish a bank account for the Association.
Abbey Road
The issue of vehicles speeding on Abbey Road was raised. There was a need to get the police to do some spot checks It was suggested that a flashing light as on Beckside would help. Parking on Buckfast Way at school time was also raised.
It was Agreed that Councillor Penny Gowland would contact the police and ask the County Council for a flashing sign and request double yellow lines on Buckfast Way near the schools.
Abbey Circus
It was suggested that the green on Abbey Circus by the shelter should be opened up to the public.
It was Agreed that this should be looked into.
It was Agreed that the notes of meetings should be put on the Facebook page and also put on the noticeboards.

Date of next meeting
Monday 20th April. 7-9pm at the Willow Tree Pub

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