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Last Letter Home

On holiday in Italy, Briony Wood becomes fascinated by the wartime story of a ruined villa hidden amongst the hills of Naples. Not only is it the very place where her grandfather was stationed as a soldier in 1943, but she also discovers that it harbours the secret of a love long lost.

Simon & Schuster UK
Publishing date
RRP (paperback)
22 Mar. 2018

Touching wartime story, with resonance to today's stories of misplaced people. The romance revolved around a garden and how nature can sustain hope in dark places. An easy read, good for holiday. Could have done without the romantic nonsense around Briony 6 out of 10.

'Last Letter Home' is a dual timeline story. Present day is Briony, a historian that discovers love letters from the war between English born Sarah Bailey, and English/German Paul Hartman.
The wartime storyline was very sweet and interesting. However, he present day romance storyline was not enjoyable to read, I did not warm to any of the characters at all.
Overall, this book was overly long with too much description and characters that brought nothing to the story.

After a public humiliation Briony takes refuge in her past after a chance encounter while recuperating on an Italian holiday. She seeks to uncover her Grandfather's story and Briony pieces together letters that tell of war torn Britain and a love that conquers prejudice and heartbreak. A good read that leaves you wanting more. 5/10
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