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Abbey Park Orchards

It's been a long time coming with planning initially starting way back during lockdown, but our orchards are now coming to fruition with two areas being planted today (18th November 2020). 

All the committee have been a part of the planning, but Lesley Morris & Simon Middlecote have taken the lead with grant applications and layouts.


There are two separate areas, the lower ground opposite the play park and on the edge of the allotments now have beautiful ornamental cherry trees of mixed varieties while the higher orchard contains a mixture of fruit trees including Bramley Apple, Flowering Crab Apple and Damson Trees.

Local residents have adopted some of the trees and have agreed to help tend them until they are fully established.

If you would like to adopt a tree, please contact us at

Orchard planting at Abbey Park
Orchard planting on Abbey Park

So it begins...

James from Streetwise planting one of the first ornamental cherry trees

Orchard planting on Abbey Park

Checking the layout 

Lesley Morris double checks the layout with James and Mark from Streetwise

Orchard planting on Abbey Park

Project Name

Simon, Ruth & Lesley at the beginning of the work next to the Alllotments.

Orchard planting on Abbey Park

The look of satisfaction

Lesley & Simon posing at the Fruit Tree Orchard Site.

Orchard planting on Abbey Park

Merryweather Damson

Double staked, we hope these trees will thrive and be enjoyed by all who visit the park.

oOchard planting on Abbey Park

John Downie - Flowering Crab Apple

Already baring fruit, this tree is looking gorgeous and will certainly bring colour to the area.


Newtons Apple Tree

Planted on 23rd November this Newtons Apple Tree is sure to be a winner. Look, it's even planted an apple on top of someones head!


Old Bess Apple Tree

Planted at the same time and not as well know as Newtons Apple, Old Bess is a fine addition to our growing orchard.

Horse Chestnut Tree Planting

Many moons ago, one of our members children planted Horse Chestnut Tree. It has been potbound for some time and we felt it was only right to give this wonderful tree a special place all of its own. Planted on the top of the field, Catherine Bailey can now enjoy watching it grow and spread its branches. Of course, we did have to gain permission from RBC's Tom Pettit.


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