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  • Original House Plans | Abbey Park Nottm

    Abbey Park Housing Development Abbey Park was built by Costain Homes on land that was, until then, fields and allotments (see side by side maps below). The Willow Tree pub was constructed at the same time and remains an integral part of the community. The estate is arranged in a series of cul-de-sacs with two through-roads, Rufford Way and Buckfast Way. The latter was only possible ofter No's 101 & 103 Abbey Road were demolished. The housing estate consists of townhouse, semi-detached, link detached, and detached houses, with a small number of bungalows. Bisham Drive, Dale Close, Newstead Drive, Mountsorrel Drive, Fountains Close, Waltham Close, and Nearsby Drive, are all named after famous abbeys. ​ Link to Side by Side Mapping Our thanks go to Amanda Dennis for sending the following PDF files of the original sales information leaflets.

  • Abbey Park History | Abbey Park Community Association

    New Page الصفحة الرئيسية New Page Green Areas My Account Profile Settings Notifications Litter Picking Book Club Followers Members Abbey Park History Items WeBCan More عودة مأوى الغارة الجوية على طريق آبي تاريخ آبي بارك آبي بارك في منطقة ويست بريدجفورد هي منطقة ممتعة وهادئة في ويست بريدجفورد مع مجموعة متنوعة من الثقافات وتم بناؤها في منتصف إلى أواخر السبعينيات على أرض كانت في السابق حقولًا وتخصيصات غير مزروعة. تم بناء حانة Willow Tree (منزل مجاني) في نفس الوقت. تمت تسمية الطرق على اسم الأديرة الشهيرة وتم وضعها بطريقة تمنع القيادة السريعة. مقسمة إلى قسمين ، حيث يتم بناء غالبية المنازل للشراء الخاص ، وهناك عدد أقل تم تشييده للمستأجرين في المجلس . هناك مزيج من المنازل المكونة من ثلاث وأربع وخمس غرف نوم على العقار المملوك للقطاع الخاص في تاون هاوس ، شبه منفصلة ، ووصلة منفصلة ، وتكوينات منفصلة ، مع عدد صغير من الأكواخ . يشكل Bisham Drive و Dale Close و Newstead Drive و Mountsorrel Drive و Fountains Close و Waltham Close و Nearsby Drive مناطق الإسكان الأكبر مع المنازل المرتبة في طريق مسدود . الطريقان اللذان يقعان في الحوزة هما Rufford Way و Buckfast Way. يمكن العثور على Tewkesbury Close و Hexham Close و Bolton Close و Furness Close ، ويتضمن بعض أماكن الإقامة بمساعدة الحارس للمسنين بالقرب من موقع مستودع المجلس القديم ومركز مجتمعي يقع بجانب هذه المساكن . يضم Abbey Circus المجاور شريطًا أخضر صغيرًا معروفًا بمأوى الغارات الجوية في الحرب العالمية الثانية ، والذي لا يزال موجودًا حتى اليوم. تم تخصيص الملجأ الذي يبلغ ارتفاعه 67 قدمًا (B34TYB) والذي تم تخصيصه للهدم في عام 1979 مع اقتراب انتهاء الحرب الباردة ، ولكن تم حمايته مؤخرًا ويعتبر الآن موقعًا ذا أهمية علمية خاصة خريطة جنبًا إلى جنب OS 1: 10560 ، خريطة 1949-1969 واليوم الحالي

  • APCA Meeting minutes x | Abbey Park Nottm

    If you feel you could/would like to contribute to Abbey Park, please do come along to one of our public meetings. We are always on the look out for new members for the committee to help us keep young and fresh. Abbey Park Community Association Minutes of Meetings News Title Home Read More News Title Button Read More News Title Button Read More News Title Button Read More News Title Button Read More News Title Button Read More

  • No 12 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Back 12 Waltham Close

  • Community Gathering 2023 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Community Gathering 10th September 2023 Another fantastic afternoon was had on our second Community Gathering. It's always great to see people coming together enjoying the stalls and activities. no matter what age. A massive thank you to all on the committee and everyone else who helped organise the event, but our very special thanks go to Nell, Aiya & Emie! As thunderstorms were forecast we started a little earlier than planned . Thankfully the brief rain we had didn't stop to much of the fun. We hope you all enjoyed the afternoon!

  • No 11 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Back 9 Newstead Drive

  • Rememberance Day 2023 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Home Remembrance Day 2023 Over the past few weeks and months members of our community have dedicated their time creating the most spectacular displays for our community in commemoration of those who lost their lives during the war and those who continue to serve and give their lives so that we may live in peace. Just over two years ago, a small crafting/crocheting group was formed by Catherine Bailey, Karen Dee Holmes and Wendy Roddy, the then Manageress of the Willow Tree Pub on Rufford Way, called 'Stitch Up', it soon grew into a regular Tuesday evening event at The Willow Tree where it has continued to grow in popularity. They decided to commemorate Remembrance Sunday by creating a display along with Tracey & John Turrill, who undertook a further display at the Notice Board based on the corner of Rufford Way & Buckfast Way. ​ In the following photographs, you can see one of those displays Please take time to enjoy the following photographs and appreciate all the hard work done to make our community a better place to live. ​ Our thanks go to : John & Tracey Turrill for their fabulous Notice Board display. Sue & Lol Andrews for helping with displays. Abbey Park Stitch Up Group for their valiant efforts in creating their display at The Willow Tree Pub: Joanne Whittingham, Lisa Godden, Julie Salisbury, Ruth Kerry, Catherine Bailey, Karen Dee Holme , Theona Yates, Christine and Debs Machin-Smith and finally Ben Wheatley, the current Manager of the Willow Tree for allowing us to continue to display our creations. Thank you to all those involved, you are all marvellous! ​ ​ Lol Andrews placing the poppies around Abbey Park's lampposts. The Willow Tree Poppy Display Rose Poppy enjoying the beautiful display at The Willow Tree Pins & Badges Lend your support through a donation or purchasing one of the lovely items from The Royal British Legion Follow the links by clicking on the text below the pictures or following this link Accessories 2023 Dated Pin Military Medals Poppy Brooches

  • Health & Wellbeing | Abbey Park Community Association | West Bridgford

    Health & Wellbeing Nottinghamshire County Council 32 m · Where to get mental health support SAMARITANS - Call free on 116 123 SHOUT - Text SHOUT to 85258 Nottinghamshire Mental Health Helpline - Call 0300 555 0730 Nottinghamshire Mental Health Crisis Line - Call 0808 196 3779 Every Mind Matters - Take care #Notts Click to access NCC webpage If you're needing some emotional support for your struggling children, there are lots of free resources available from this website. Do take a look. You can either click the link below or access directly from this page.

  • Abbey Park Orchard | Abbey Park Nottm

    Abbey Park Orchard A few months ago we floated the idea of a community orchard on Abbey Park. We are looking to push forward with the project and we would love get your comments on the project. We are also looking for local people to ‘adopt’ one of the trees to make sure they are properly watered during really dry periods. we now have two plans showing a maximum of 20 trees. Can we get 20 people to adopt a tree? You can comment on here or also send an email to . The plans are also available on the notice board and Abbey Park Local Facebook Group Thank you to all those who took time to submit comments on the consultation. They are currently being collated and we hope to have news on the Orchard soon. Following on from the suggestions of an alternative site next to the bus turning circle I have produced an alternative layout for this site as well. I have an open mind about which site might be most appropriate. I can see pros and cons in each. Please feel free to comment on this alternative proposal via email to the Community Association. Orchard Wildflower area

  • No 22 | Abbey Park Nottm

    Back 71 Waltham Close

  • Disability Support | Abbey Park Community Association | West Bridgford

    Hello Having a person with a disability can be a minefield. Trying to find support and activities to suit individual needs is so important for those involved and their carers. Here, we have tried to add information that may help you or others that you may know. If we are missing any information or you know of other people/organisations that may be useful, PLEASE do let us know. ​ PLEASE CLICK ON THE PICTURE NEXT TO EACH ORGANISATION & YOU WILL BE TAKEN DIRECTLY TO THEIR WEBPAGE OR FACEBOOK PAGE Links to organisations... Pulp Friction Smoothie Bar Project Pulp Friction CIC is a social enterprise which employs and supports young people with learning disabilities to develop a variety of skills for the future. ​ The Adventure Service The Adventure Service Ltd was founded in August 2011 by Terry Harris-Ellis and Helen Harris-Ellis with the aim of supporting those with additional support needs to ‘Achieve Potential Through Adventure’. We specialise in delivering high-quality outdoor learning experiences for all, including children and adults with learning disabilities. We do this through a variety of adventure-based activities. Each Adventurer is supported and encouraged to do as much as they can from preparing and setting up of activities and buying resources to enable the activity to happen, to pushing themselves to reach that little bit further up the climbing wall or taking their first canoe trip on the open water. No matter what a person’s perceived abilities, we gently support and encourage them to challenge themselves throughout their time with The Adventure Service Ltd. Onup OnUp is a social enterprise project for young people with learning differences providing opportunities to develop skills and contribute to the community. Activities are varied with crafts, outings and cooking to name a few. ​ Notts CYP Monty Hind In short, we are a not for profit organisation that is passionate about helping young people in Nottinghamshire be healthy, safe, confident and successful . We do this by supporting clubs in Nottinghamshire with : An extensive activities programme – including adventure days, camps, sports coaching and tournaments. Education and Training – including accredited courses for young people, their leaders and volunteers. Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People was originally formed to meet the needs of young men, but has evolved to work with all young people in Nottinghamshire, especially the most disadvantaged and vulnerable in today’s society. At the heart of Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People is an ever evolving number of volunteers, who give their expertise, time and effort in order for young people to have fun and reach their fullest potential. ​ Nottingham MENCAP Nottingham Mencap is a local, self funded charity who offer a full range of services to people with learning disabilities and difficulties. These services include a choice of day activities, both in-house and in the community M8’s & Gener8, Clubs for 5 – 24 year olds Befriending and sitting services, in your home or in the community Smile Stop Hate Crime service Gettaway Club, an evening Social Club for adults with learning disabilities ​ Meet Greet & Eat A little bit about us... We are a non-profit organisation that provides support for adults with additional needs in food redistribution. Since our establishment in July 2020, we have been busy providing a range of services for communities in South Nottingham. We aim to provide a safe space for adults with additional needs to engage within the wider community, gain confidence and social skills; all while making sure everyone has access to good food. Both of which we are immensely proud of. The concept of the organisation came about due to a lack of access, both for volunteering experience for adults with additional needs and of food distribution, particularly with many organisations closing temporarily due to COVID-19. We believe everyone should have access to food, and one way of doing this is to redirect surplus stock from supermarkets to those who require it. With this, we also saw a gap in organisations that were equipped and adequately prepared to provide experience and developmental support to adults with additional needs. It is our ethos that everyone feels included, from our volunteers in the organisation to the users of the service; we are one big family. As a community-driven group, our success rides on the back of the relationship and collaboration of not just our volunteers and service users, but also other organisations striving for similar results in food redistribution. We are privileged to work along-side organisations like Fareshare, and supermarkets M&S, Aldi and The Co-op, who very generously donate food for redistribution to us weekly. These connections ensure we can deliver food-bags, boxes and meals, each week, to those in our community who need it most. As a direct result of this, we have so far; · Distributed well over 100 food bags to the Tollerton, Gamston and Sneinton areas as part of our weekly food bags service. · Set up a social supermarket in Lings Bar Hospital, Gamston, creating a service for the hospital staff and carers to stock up on food. · Participated in Holiday Hunger, an initiative that provided school-aged children with weekly healthy food packages during the summer holidays. · Supported The Friary, who assists homeless individuals, by supplying sandwiches and other food supplies. · And, provided food to the organisation Framework in Nottingham. As you can probably deduce from all this, we are very passionate about what we do, and we are always happy to bring new volunteers on board. If you are interested in getting involved in a worthy cause, or if you are an organisation that would like to get in touch please don’t hesitate to email us at ​ Notts Help Yourself Have a wealth of information for many ages and abilities. ​ Community Coaching Team Fantastic resources and activities as seen below. Click on any picture to follow the link

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