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Then She was Gone

She was fifteen, her mother's golden girl.

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Ten years after the disappearance of her daughter, Laurel Mack still can’t move on. Divorced and largely estranged from her remaining children, she still cannot find closure. Into her life comes the charming Floyd to sweep her off her feet, however, is he all that he seems? He is very like her ex-husband and his daughter bears a striking resemblance to her missing daughter Ellie. Laurel's life starts to unravel as she starts to find the truth about Ellie's fate. This is a tense thriller that keeps you reading to find out what really happened. Apart from some clunky plot devices, and some stereotyped characters the story starts to get moving by the use of several narrators, who all want to tell their side of the story. A few of the group, especially those with teenagers, found the subject matter upsetting, and in the light of the recent real-life abductions of women, you may want to give this one a miss. However if you liked Gone Girl or The Girl on a Train, you will probably enjoy this one too.
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