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Where We Belong

One summer.
One house.
One family learning to love again.

Cate Morris and her son, Leo, are homeless, adrift. They’ve packed up the boxes from their London home, said goodbye to friends and colleagues, and now they are on their way to ‘Hatters Museum of the Wide Wide World – to stay just for the summer. Cate doesn’t want to be there, in Richard’s family home without Richard to guide her any more. And she knows for sure that Araminta, the retainer of the collection of dusty objects and stuffed animals, has taken against them. But they have nowhere else to go. They have to make the best of it.

But Richard hasn’t told Cate the truth about his family’s history. And something about the house starts to work its way under her skin. Can she really walk away, once she knows the truth?

Simon & Schuster UK
Publishing date
RRP (paperback)
27th May 2021
There are multiple themes in the plot that gradually unfold; mental health, suicide, learning disabilities, dysfunctional families and their breakdown, relationships that aren't always what they seem and more
Some of the plot is a bit predictable, some of the characters aren't very likeable, some of the characters behave completely out of their usual character and make strange decisions, but hey real life's like that too
7/10 Annette

The author’s pleasant writing style made this book a very easy read but the whole plot was too contrived/predictable for my liking. On the positive side, Leo, the Downs Syndrome character was portrayed in a good, positive light and he was a strong character. He and his new friend Curtis were really the only characters I liked. Leo’s over protective Mum, Cate, made some silly decisions that an over protective Mum just wouldn’t make! So, all in all, not the best plot! 5/10 Catherine

Novel steeped in grief, guilt and duty... I hugely fluctuated in my liking of this book. Found the plot lines somewhat contrived and implausible and just struggled to empathise with the main character, Cate, although I appreciated the other characters, especially Cate's son Leo who is such a positive role model of a young man with Down's syndrome. Not my favourite book club choice 4.5 /10 Caroline
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