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Minutes of the AGM Meeting 14th September 2021

14th September 2021
Abbey Park Community Association Committee AGM
Present:- Simon Middlecote (Chair) , Ruth Kerry, Sue Andrew, Lesley Morris, Chris Holmes, Councillor Penny Gowland, Rani Joshi, Catherine Bailey, Alan Yeo, Elaine Yeo, Liz Smith, Caroline Stone, Tracey Girdier.
Simon reported that it had been 1 year and 8 months since the last in person meeting but in the meantime the committee had continued zoom meetings to deal with local issues. Since we last met in person Stamford Road has been resurfaced, a public notice board has been installed, a litter picking group established, the community gardens have gone from strength to strength and new tree planting has been agreed on areas of the park.
The Association had made progress in formalising itself eg bank account, draft constitution. He thanked the members of the committee who had attended meetings and in addition thanked Councillor Penny Gowland and Liz Plant the former County Councillor for their assistance
Simon thought that Abbey Park was a fantastic place to live and work with a wonderful sense of community. The Association had been established to try and facilitate community projects. We would be delighted to hear from any resident or business who had a community project or activity which they believed could be assisted by the Association
Ruth gave details of the income and expenditure since the bank account was set up. She reported that
Leaflets had been printed and distributed advising of our existence
Website for community set up with ongoing cost
Public liability insurance obtained
Selection of high visibility jackets purchased
Grants gratefully received from Rushcliffe Borough Council, Nottinghamshire County Council and the Bramley Apple Trust.

The constitution was agreed subject to paragraph 4a on the composition of the management committee being amended from including “up to 3 ordinary members” to “ a minimum of 3 ordinary members”.
Simon explained that the original proposal had been for an orchard to be planted on the field beside the school. During the consultation the bus turning circle was suggested as an alternative. As a result an alternative scheme was proposed with some trees at the top and some in the turning circle. This had now been agreed with Rushcliffe. The scheme would involve on the top site 2 Bramley apples, a Merryweather damson, Nottinghamshire medlar, a conference pear and 2 Bramley pollinators (a James Grieve apple and a John Dowie crab apple). The turning circle would have 7 ornamental cherry trees which had been in the original scheme when the estate was built but not implemented.
It was agreed to proceed with the revised schemes and to get Streetwise to plant the trees.
Rushcliffe Borough Council had funds allocated in the current financial year to extend / refurbish the play area on the field for 0-12 year olds. There was a potential subsequent phase 2 subject to future funding which would include football goals.
Concern was expressed about the amount of noise from the rope swings in the trees. It was suggested that planting trees / bushes may help to form a barrier to reduce the noise.
It was felt that outside gym equipment could be installed on the field. Rushcliffe did not have any funds for this but it was thought that perhaps funds could be raised for this via alternative grants.
It was agreed that the phase 1 improvements be supported and that the costs of the goal posts and gym equipment be obtained.
The plans for phase 1 be publicised on the website and Facebook page.

The following appointments to the Committee were agreed for the following year:-
Chair – Simon Middlecote
Vice-Chair – Sue Andrews
Treasurer and Website – Ruth Kerry
Secretary – Caroline Stone
Notetaker – Chris Holmes
Committee members : Lesley Morris, Catherine Bailey, Rani Joshi, Deb Triffit.

The following issues were identified for consideration at future meetings
House extensions into shared area
Issues with Metropolitan Housing
Lack of dropped kerbs on the estate
Reliability of no 7 bus and getting in to stop at the turning circle
Gym equipment for the field
Community events eg. Queen’ Jubilee, Nottinghamshire Day 25th August, Advent windows, safari sale

The meeting closed at 8.15pm.

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